1984, John Smith

Yachtec was founded in 1984 by John Smith with primary focus on the construction and repair of wooden ships. John traveled the country with his crew, instilling in them a deep respect for the sea and a passion for achieving the level of quality that ocean travel demands.

That passion endured as the company made the transition to repairing, conversion and the building of commercial and military vessels and superyachts, and today it anchors our mission to always deliver absolute customer satisfaction through exceptional quality and service.

Yachts and yacht charters we offer are based on few simple principles that are synonymous with our company name for more than 30 years. They are: reliability, high quality, and customer support. Everyone in Yachtec (including me) is working towards client’s satisfaction.

Our Team

Laura Rivera

(recruitment manager)

Tom Hudson


Julia Foster

(finance director)

Dennis Black


John Wilson

(sales manager)

Margaret Sanders

(marketing manager)

Sean Carter

(sales manager)

Jennie Wilkinson

(yacht broker)



No. Many operators will ask you to charter for a week, usually Saturday to Saturday, but this is most rigid during high season in the Mediterranean for "sleep aboard" charters.
Tipping is purely voluntary and the source of endless debate. If you do decide that you want to tip the captain - if they've been professional, helpful, gracious, etc - then it's customary to pay 5% to 15% of the total charter amount before you leave the boat on the last day.
A bareboat is simply a boat that is rented without crew or skipper - you will need to skipper and navigate it yourself.
It differs everywhere therefore get in contact for a better answer! Generally speaking if you're chartering a power boat, you'll need a day skipper license (theory and practice).